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Everyone loves food, so do we- we love to create food, so that you would not have to worry about indulging in and feel unhealthy at all.
Watching our customers smile, and nod their heads after each mouthful from our pork belly rice bowls, feels so heartwarming. We never thought we would come that far with our pork bellies, but we have! And we are sincerely appreciative of our fans for their support from the very start. Really, thank you, 🙂
Our humble beginnings began at a little quaint food center in the Western hemisphere of our sunny island- the Ayer Rajah Food Centre, where dreams of a young couple kicked off. Bowl Chap takes pride in using quality ingredients that are fresh and unique in each dish, which our ex-tippling club chef has specially crafted from scratch. We feel that rice bowls are more than just food; they are forms of self-expressions. With each bowl we create, we hope to evoke reminiscence and nostalgic emotions from the fusion of tastes. While some eat to live, some live to eat- we, live to make you eat better.